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Do These Simple Things to Avoid Gum Disease

Here, our Midland dentists explain how poor oral hygiene leads to gum disease, and what actions you can take to avoid the condition.

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How can I prevent periodontitis?

Discover how periodontal disease can impact both your oral and physical well-being. In this blog, our dentists in Midland explain what periodontitis is and share valuable tips to help you prevent it.

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Why would I need surgery for sleep apnea?

Our Midland dentists discuss sleep apnea and provide insight on when dental surgery may be necessary.

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10 Oral Hygiene Tips

Here, our Midland dentists share their best oral hygiene tips.

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Is reconstructive oral surgery the right choice for me?

Our Midland dentists provide some facts, and signs of when patients may need reconstructive oral surgery.

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Flossing: Is it Really Necessary?

Today, our Midland dentists discuss the importance of flossing and why it shouldn't be skipped.

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What Is Dental Surgery?

Dental surgery is a broad term that covers a wide range of medical procedures that involve the teeth and gums. These can include dental implants or bridges, wisdom teeth extraction, root canal and more. Our Midland dentists provide facts and answer FAQs from patients.

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Brushing vs Flossing: Which Comes First

Today, our Midland dentists talk about brushing and flossing in detail and how you can improve your oral hygiene care.

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How Much Does Dental Surgery Really Hurt?

Have a dental surgery coming up and wondering if you’ll feel pain following your procedure? Our Midland offer some facts about the after-effects of surgery - and what you can do manage any discomfort. 

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The Importance of a Professional Dental Cleaning

Many people only visit their dentist when they feel pain or discomfort in their teeth and gums. Today our Midland dentists explain why regular appointment for a professional cleaning is important even when you feel alright.

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